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How To Burn Fat And Not Just Lose Weight

Have you been struggling to lose those last few pounds even when you are on a plant-based vegan diet?

Sometimes it's hard to not fall on a yo-yo diet or on a not-so-good cycle during the process of losing weight. But it is important to have the right mindset and understand everything that comes during weight loss journey.

This is why in today's podcast, I share with you how to burn fat and keep losing weight. So, if this sounds like something you want to know more about, check out the podcast now! 👇


Weight Fluctuations

What does weight fluctuation mean to you?

Most of the time, we check our process of weight loss using a scale. We make this as our priority that will determine whether or not we're successful in our weight loss journey. But does this number mean that you are really burning fat while you lose weight?

It is important to keep in mind that losing weight is not something that will happen FAST. It is a PROCESS and it takes TIME. 

When you are on a real process of losing weight, you need to keep track of your measurements, take photos to see how your body is changing, and, the easiest one is observing if your clothes fit as they used to.


What Does Losing Weight Really Contemplate On?

Well, there are three main things you can focus on when you're losing weight:


1. YOU.

Meaning your lean body mass, your organs, skeletons, muscles, water that you have in your body, and the glycogen (stored energy from carbohydrates). This is super important, guys.

1 gram of glycogen = 2.4 to 4 grams of water ..... That is lot!!

This means that the number of carbs that you eat will change the numbers on the scale that you are looking at! It doesn't mean that you are not burning fat. 


2. Your Poop and Undigested Food.

For example, if you weigh yourself as soon as you wake up and then have a big breakfast before weighing yourself again, you will have a different number on the scale.

Why does this happen? Because it's just the weight of the food that you are eating! Or if you are constipated, that extra weight that's inside your intestines will show on your scale.

Does this mean that you are not getting fat? Nope. It's just your undigested food and poop waiting to get out of you. Oops.


3. Water Retention.

Water retention would make you have a fluctuation of 4.5 pounds! 

The amount of salt that you are getting will make your body retains more water. So, it's important to have the right amount, so you don't have that water retention that will show as a few more pounds on your scale. 

Also, did you know that the amount of water you drink during the day will influence the numbers on the scale?  

Do you remember glycogen? Well an average person, can hold between 400 to 800 grams of it.


What Does Really Matter Then?

Calorie deficit will ALWAYS result in fat loss. Even if the scales are not showing it.

In Episode 9, I talked about how many calories to eat and what does a calorie deficit means, if you want to know more about all of these, go and listen to it as soon as you finish this episode.


Always remember this: Calorie surplus is going to be the opposite of a calorie deficit, it will result in fat gain. 

As a conclusion, the combination of glycogen, water retention, and your poop/food in your system will result in weight fluctuations. But these do not mean that you are not burning fat or that you are getting fat. 

Again, weight loss will take time and it is a PROCESS! You just need to be patient and UNDERSTAND the process.



[06:20] What is glycogen?

[11:11] What do you really have to count?

[13:13] Keto diet.

[25:25] Why calorie deficit is important? 


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