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Struggling to lose weight on a plant based diet?

Struggling to lose weight on a plant-based diet?

It sucks right?

Any of this sound familiar?

❌You don't know how many calories to eat or what advice to follow. There's a million guru's and they all say different things so what's the truth and where do you start?

❌You're going through or postmenopausal, you have PCOS, or you're hormones are volatile? You're convinced it's what's stopping you from losing but you don't know what to do.

❌You've spent years yo-yo dieting and following fads. You're sure that you have to eat 1000 calories a day to lose weight or your metabolism is broken. It feels impossible.

❌You know what to do but can't get consistent! You're stuck self-sabotaging. All-in or all-out and you can't make this lifestyle stick.

It doesn't have to be this way.

LEAN WITH PLANTS will help you lose weight and get to your dream body as a vegan.

Let's get lean!


I spent too long copying vegan influencers only to look like a McDonald's mascot. 


Weight loss is simple: You need to eat fewer calories than you burn and your body will dip into stored fat cells (fat-burning mode).

All diets work this way without exception. If someone tells you otherwise, run a million miles because they're a liar or a twit.

I said it's simple, not easy.

That's why most diets suck. They're needlessly complex. Think about it: Cut out carbs, eat 1 meal per day, count macros, drink bat urine, ingest celery via your eye.

Diets do not teach you how to change and yet change is the key ingredient of weight loss.

Once you understand the science of weight loss, you're going to have to change your habits, routines, lifestyle, and we humans are REALLY bad at that.

Without the tools of long-term behavioral change, your results will be short-lived (at best).

That is why you need to join the LEAN WITH PLANTS course. We are OBSESSED with making weight loss as EASY as possible and equipping you with the tools to master your life-long transformation.










Lean With Plants teaches habit change
✅ Overcome binge eating patterns
✅ Beat self-sabotage behaviors
✅ Get consistent against emotional eating
✅ Beat lack of motivation
✅ No fads or new diets
✅ Stop feeling guilty and turn failure on its head
✅ Feel confident in social situations
✅ Deal with family members who don't support you
✅ Based on up-to-date scientific evidence

Jackie: Skinny Fat 👉 Lean!

I went from being skinny fat to feeling and looking so much leaner in 2 months.

These results are undeniable and I haven't been able to do this for years! Nothing can stop me at this point!

Jess: Losing Weight Despite PCOS!

Thank you for showing me the way and inspiriting me to have the confidence to make the right decisions, not having someone tell me what to do.


Libby: Lost 30+ Lbs in 6 Months Despite 


I had all kinds of ideas on why I couldn’t lose the weight like maybe my metabolism was ruined, I'm post menopausal.

I applied all [Chelsea] taught and dropped 30+ pounds in 6 months, enjoyed my meals, lowered my cholesterol 68 points, and found a lifestyle I could maintain.

Cassi: Lost 43 Lbs After Leaving Fad Diets and Broken Metabolism Nonsense.

I've been on every fad diet imaginable. Paleo, Noom, IF, etc. 

I thought my metabolism was broken and believed only extreme/restrictive diet like keto would work.

I am now 43+ pounds down and I no longer feel like I'm on a diet roller coaster!

Linda lost 30+ pounds at 67!

"With the help of Chelsea and the Lean with Plants Team I have lost 30+ pounds. I know you will be successful if you have the LWP vision, collective wisdom, and stay the course!"

Kaity has finally lose weight for GOOD after years as a yo yo dieting vegan.

"When I started LWP I was skeptical but I decided I was worth the investment to at least TRY.
I never would have imagined that I would lose so much weight!
Do I enjoy my weight loss and eat some cake too? Abso-freaking-loutly! Because this is progress not perfection!"

Kezia has lost 35 lbs by adding small habits she learned in LWP to her lifestyle 



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Lean With Plants 2.0 course

👉 Life-time access to the upgraded LEAN WITH PLANTS 2.0 video course.

👉 Gain access to a library of information on the science of weight loss.

👉 Learn what to focus on next with our proven method and mastering the 5 stages of weight loss. 

👉 Each stage will bring you closer to your goal. From confused to improving consistency to maintaining your goal weight with confidence.

👉 Listen to the course on the go as a private podcast!



Lean With Plants Membership

👉 Discover our AMAZING community of members from all around the world on the same journey as you. Access member recipes, get encouraged and reach out for support anytime!

👉 Join a weekly Progress POD!
Create lifelong friends as you keep each other on-track using our 'next step' progress formula.

👉 Gain unique members-only footage via your online members hub, NEW CONTENT added monthly!

👉 Free subscription to the YouAte app

👉Join LIVE events with Chelsea and Coach Cassi every month.

👉 Find accountability that will help you maintain your habits for the long-haul.

👉 Access our members-only secret Facebook group to connect with hundreds of woman on the JOURNEY with you.

BONUS Features!

👉 Vegan weight loss recipe ebook designed to move you into a calorie deficit! 

👉 Guest experts, member interviews and  bonus podcast content.

👉 Random and totally unexpected GIVEAWAYS!

👉 Video course and audio transcripts. 

👉 Constant updates and new improvements coming soon...



$342 USD

One-time payment of $342 then $45 a month after that

  • LIFETIME access to the LEAN WITH PLANTS course
  • LEAN WITH PLANTS monthly membership


$159 USD

3 monthly payments of $159 then $45 a month after that

  • LIFETIME access to the LEAN WITH PLANTS course 
  • LEAN WITH PLANTS monthly membership


$747 USD

One-time payment of $747 for 12 months full access then $45 a month after that

  • LIFETIME access to the LEAN WITH PLANTS course
  • LEAN WITH PLANTS monthly membership
  • Includes 2 months of free access in this plan!
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