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Hey! I’m Chelsea πŸ‘‹

I lost 40 lbs and have stayed a lean bean for 3 years... but it wasn’t always this way.

I spent a decade copying vegan influencers only to look like a McDonald's mascot.

Weight loss is simple.

Eat fewer calories than you burn and your body eat's away at stored fat cells.

All diets work this way, so if someone tells you otherwise, run a million miles because they're a liar or a twit.


Dieting is too hardπŸ‘‡

In 2018 I was 40 lbs overweight, and felt trapped in my achy body.

I’d been dieting starving and bingeing for 10 years! 😭

I was desperate to lose, but my mental health was πŸ’©, and with a newborn I knew I couldn't face restricting diets again.

Something had to change.

I stumbled onto calorie density, and could finally eat again!!

In 1 ½ years I got lean, all while eating buttloads of delicious food.


If I can get in the best shape of my life, then you can too.

Knowing what to do isn't enough...

Magical results πŸ¦„ = applying that knowledge over and over again forever.


Wanna know the weird, sorta backwards secret that guarantees you'll get results much faster? (without gross shakes, hours of cardio, or willpower)


Join the short Kickstarter course to learn the framework our members use to lose 10- 60+ lbs πŸ‘‡

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Here’s a handful of testimonials from the LWP famπŸ‘‡

Natalie lost 40+ lbs as a busy mama

Jess is losing with PCOS!

"Thank you for showing me the way and inspiriting me to have the confidence to make the right decisions, not having someone tell me what to do." 

Cassi lost 50 lbs

"I've been on every fad diet imaginable. Paleo, Noom, IF, etc. 

I thought my metabolism was broken and believed only extreme/restrictive diet like keto would work.

I am now 50 pounds down and I no longer feel like I'm on a diet roller coaster!"

Linda lost 30+ pounds at 67!

"With the help of Chelsea and the Lean with Plants Team I have lost 30+ pounds. I know you will be successful if you have the LWP vision, collective wisdom, and stay the course!"

Kaity has finally lose weight for GOOD after years as a yo yo dieting vegan.

"When I started LWP I was skeptical but I decided I was worth the investment to at least TRY.
I never would have imagined that I would lose so much weight!
Do I enjoy my weight loss and eat some cake too? Abso-freaking-loutly! Because this is progress not perfection!"

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Fat loss during menopause πŸ‘‡

Libby lost 30+ Lbs in in her 60s

"I had all kinds of ideas on why I couldn’t lose the weight like maybe my metabolism was ruined, I'm post menopausal."

"I applied all [Chelsea] taught and dropped 30+ pounds in 6 months, enjoyed my meals, lowered my cholesterol 68 points, and found a lifestyle I could maintain."

Linda lost 30+ pounds at 67!

"With the help of Chelsea and the Lean with Plants Team I have lost 30+ pounds. I know you will be successful if you have the LWP vision, collective wisdom, and stay the course!"

20 pounds gone at

46 years old

“1 year… 55 lbs gone, 20 of which have been since joining LWP in late June after my initial weight loss stalled. I am 46, I have more energy than I’ve had since my early 20’, I’m not afraid of potatoes or fruit, I eat until I’m full and satisfied, and have complete confidence that this weight loss is easily sustainable FOR LIFE. The freedom LWP has given me with food is absolutely amazing. “

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Getting consistent πŸ‘‡

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Breaking the plateau/last 10lbs πŸ‘‡

Kirsten lost the last 17 pounds in LWP

Libby lost 19 lbs while breastfeeding her 4th baby

Jackie lost the last 7 pounds in LWP

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… and moreπŸ‘‡

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