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Hey stranger. I'm Chelsea.
I learnt the truth about vegan weight loss then dropped 40lbs while stuffing my face. Keen?
Let's do this!

Can't lose weight?

With so much crap online that it's understandably confusing. To lose weight you have consume less calories than your body needs so that it's forced to take from your fat stores to function. This is a calorie deficit and it's a key in your weight loss journey.

I talk about this A LOT in my podcast.
If you want to know about weight loss, motivation, habits and laugh your butt off, check it out.


Let's get some things straight...

I too thought I was the only one who couldn't lose weight as a vegan.

Weight loss is tough never mind being a mum. Maybe you thought a plant based diet was the magic bullet to losing bulging belly fat? Now you're confused about excess weight that shouldn't be there?
That was me.

The ultimate vegan weight loss bowl guide!

Kickstart your weight loss with this component meal fridge guide, complete with examples of how I build my plate for ultimate weight loss!


✓ Everything you need to know to build your bowl from scratch
✓ Examples of how I make drool worthy meals that are OPTIMISED for fat burning.
✓ 3 days of easy to follow videos explaining HOW to start losing weight that STAYS off.

March 2018

At my heaviest weight, 3 months after giving birth to my daughter.
I was frustrated and daunted by the long road ahead, knowing I couldn't face another raw challenge or juice fast but thinking I couldn't lose weight without 'extreme' challenges.

March 2020

The slimmest I have EVER been.
A better relationship with food than I ever thought possible, no need to calorie count, stronger and more energy than BEFORE kids!
Confident I can finally maintain my weight loss!

From overweight vegan mum to slim and toned for life

Your life is about to change

Diets won’t help you lose weight. Science will.


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