In 2018 I was overweight, unfit, unmotivated, and frustrated. I was eating super healthy vegan food and should have been a lean bean!! But I wasn’t :(

I’d just had a baby, so it’s kinda to be expected, but why couldn’t I lose weight when I was eating smoothies and salads all day!!?

I was at my heaviest weight: 76kgs (167 lbs.) I felt trapped in my body!! Running 1km was painful, my clothes didn’t fit, and I didn’t look great.

Although I was eating a healthy whole foods plant-based diet I STILL wasn’t losing weight. Grrrrrrr!!!!! So began my desperate search for a solution.

What did I find?

Where to start?

I'll spare you the details (that's all sie is about BTW( but it set me on a path of change and progress until FINALLY, I understood the science of weight loss. In one year I lost 18 kg (40lbs) and kept it off. My journey isn't over (no washboard abs... yet! They're coming!!) but I finally feel the confidence I was missing.

Now I have the tools, backed by science, to keep lean for life.

It should be easy for me to stay thin because I’m so healthy, right? No. I had 10 years of HUGE weight fluctuations as a vegan.

The frustrating truth is that losing weight is a struggle and keeping it off... even harder! I tried everything from restrictive raw challenges to running 30km+ per week only to gain it back when life returned to "normal".

Maybe you can relate?

Today I eat better than ever without feeling deprived or restricted and I'm the healthiest I've ever been.

That's what working with me is all about; Sharing tools to get you lean, feeling fantastic, and confident in your body without tiny portions, counting calories, or fad diets like KETO (total BS by the way.)

Do you want this kind of transformation?

At some point, you've got to try something you've never done to get something you've never had. I was scared to try something new but now I wish I'd known about this sooner.

Want to get serious about your weight loss journey? Let’s be friends! I post a ton of FREE resources and information on my Instagram but honestly, that's not where real results begin. They begin when you put your health and happiness first (for a change, am I right?), so let's start here!!

What's holding you back from getting in the BEST shape of your life?

Weight loss has been a catalyst to being a better mother, wife, and friend. I have confidence, strength, and energy I never knew possible (even after two kids!).

Don't keep putting yourself on the back burner! You're worth SO much more than that girl!

Lean with Plants

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