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I’m Chelsea Mae. 
Weird vegan mum, former serial dieter (even though I wouldn't admit it), and Founder of Lean With Plants!
Passionate about helping women lose weight on a plant-based diet.

I’m super dorky, opinionated, and oh... I love statistics! That’s why you won’t hear me giving advice that isn’t backed by science. And that's a scientific fact (um...).

I’m married to Nick, my best friend from high school (cue heart emoji). Together we live in New Zealand's Winterless North (north of the Shire and east of Narnia) with our two beautiful girls Riley and Morgan!

Losing 18kg (40 lbs.) in 2018 was a catalyst for so much inner growth and good. I started skateboarding, mastered a 4 am morning routine, and smashed my lifelong goal of doing 1 chin-up (my record is now 9).

Not everything is perfect though. Nick was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and I kinda cracked. That’s a story for another time, but you don’t have to have everything together to start improving small areas of your life… rather that’s the perfect time to start!

So where did my weight loss journey start?

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I’m Cassi. 
A wild🌙  🌱 ✨ Vegan woman from the heart of Nashville, TN. I am full of joy and am passionate about Community Connection & Cultivation.

I started my own journey in LWP as a member almost 2 years ago and love what I have built with this program.

I was a different person when I joined Lean with Plants! I had tried every fad diet imaginable. Keto, Paleo, Noom, IF, etc. I would lose weight and gain it back and go back and forth through this cycle feeling scared I would never be able to reach my goal. I thought maybe my metabolism was broken and believed only an extreme/restrictive diet like keto would work for me.

I am now -50 pounds down and I no longer feel like I'm on the diet roller coaster!

Lean with plants has been so much more than a diet for me, It's been a safe place to struggle, problem solves, test my body, gain knowledge, and build a lifestyle I could maintain and enjoy.

I did this by devouring the course material and applying all of Chelsea’s teachings. I really put them to the test and found the principles she taught worked.

I am so excited to meet you and hear more of what your path has looked like leading up to LWP. I am excited to help you get plugged in to our community and connected to others who can relate. My favorite part about being the Community Coach and Community Manager for LWP is that I get to help empower you to make changes just like I did.

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I’m Hazel. 

From Scotland, living in the Caribbean, loves travel, cycling, Christmas movies, and oats. LWP Project Manager and all-around neat freak!

I love working with the woman in the LWP team and community. I have been on my own weight loss journey and after years of trying different diets and regimes, finding Chelsea and learning the LWP approach was a game-changer for me!

I get the nickname 'Vacuum' because I love to tidy and that's exactly what I do for LWP. You won't see me too often but I am working away in the background keeping things tidy and helping Chelsea and the team to make LWP the very best it can be for our amazing community!

Excited to welcome you into LWP! ✨


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I’m Angelica. 

I live in Cebu, Philippines! I love dogs (I own 6 dogs), reading fiction books, and runway modeling.

I look after all things Community Care in the LWP membership so if you have questions, chances are you will be speaking with me!

There are so many wonderful things about working for the Lean with Plants team but the best part is working with amazing people, and I get to see the LWP community thrive together and that feels like a family. 

 I can't wait to meet you!⭐️