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Busy Mama raising a family and dealing with all the stress?

Natalie is loving the food freedom and simplicity she found in LWP as a busy mama!!

My big goal in joining LWP was to lose weight and find food freedom. I really needed help with the behavior change aspect. My biggest down fall was that I’d restrict all week and then binge on the weekends.

Pre LWP I would start a plan, fall off the rails a little bit, and not be able to come back to plan. I was the start on Monday or start on the first of the month type of girl. During that six months of weight loss, my one-year-old had two surgeries 1000 miles away from home, I was taking care of a newborn, I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety and actually went on medication, and we were in a pandemic so I had a lot less social support than anyone would ever want when they have two kids under two.

I am consistently eating healthier than ever before, my husband has lost weight, my kids are eating so healthy (hardly any processed food). Our environment has changed in terms of having healthy and prepped food available at all times & not having the junk. I feel like my relationship with food is completely healed. I feel like I get to give this gift to my kids for their whole entire life.

The LWP program gave me the opportunity to focus on myself and my own health while I was taking care of everyone around me at the same time. Once I got the basics down, the effort level was so low I’m still astounded by how easy it is. Now I am 6 months into LWP & 35 pounds down! Excited to share my next before and after!!

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Having trouble losing weight as a Vegan

Abby is loving the LWP Systems, Community, and seeing amazing results and maintaining her changes!!

"I was amazed at how much I have accomplished in Lean With plants. I never imagined I could get this small!

 On the left is me at the beginning of my plant based journey. I was in my friend's wedding and just felt so unattractive. I was a junkfood vegan and hated most vegetables. Middle is after joining LWP (pic was taken December 2020). And finally on the right is the picture of me with my new sense of confidence this March.

 LWP has helped me set up systems that keep me in check and on track. My LWP Fam has been so helpful and consistent in checking up on me. I love our community so much and have never felt apart of anything like this before. So thankful in general to this wonderful group of women.

 Feeling so happy right now, I love this program!! Notrmally I dont like to take pictures of myself but I am excited for the next update picture!"

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Yo-Yo dieting and struggling with vegan weight loss

Kaity lost weight after years of yo-yo-ing

Mum of two, confused about weight loss, following influencers... no results.

Kaity was fed up but willing to try anything. Since then she's seen massive results that she knows she can keep this time.

"Lean With Plants teaches you about calorie density and makes it practical by helping you apply incremental changes to your life.

It doesn't cost you a million bucks like a portion-controlled, pre-packed meal subscription would.

Soon you'll enjoy your meals without feeling guilty and heal your relationship with food! This course will give you the building blocks you need."

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Hormones, Hashimoto's, PCOS and Thyroid 

Nicola lost 20 pounds in 2 months and feels great!

I have been vegan for 8ish years and I have been battling my health with having metabolic syndrome after preeclampsia. I am down 9 kg in two months and 10 kg (22 lbs) over all in the Lean With Plants Membership.

The first picture is from when I felt my worst 10 kg (and 4 months) ago. My face was so swollen I couldn’t even open my eyes fully. I had aches and pains all over my body, continuous headaches and migraines, brain fog, goldfish memory, extremely heavy and painful periods etc.

I had already been on Starch Solution for two months, but I had extreme hunger, did not eat enough vegetables and still ate dried fruit and dates. I didn’t gain any more weight but I didn’t see much improvement (except my periods got way better instantly doing low fat).

The second picture is from this morning and 4 months of applying what I learned in Lean With Plants. Feeling so much better, I cannot even remember when I last had a headache. Not only have I seen weight loss but major improvements in my health.

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Overcoming Menopause and Age

Linda is 67 years old and has been a vegan for 6 years!

With the help of Chelsea and the Lean With PLants Team I have lost 30+ pounds by doing the eat you veg challenge and joining the membership.

I am now in the final stretch of my weight loss! I have found the Plateau Strategy in the course really helpful and I am confident I will hit my goal weight.

Now, I feel like I am in a good place, taking care of myself, confident in my body. I know you will be successful also if you have the LWP vision, collective wisdom, and stay the course!"

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Can't shed the last few pounds?

Angie bids farewell to the 10lbs she gained after becoming vegan.

I have been plant based for 5 years and switched to Vegan and gained 10-12 pounds!! Because I am shorter this weight gain feels like a lot to try to lose.

I could not figure out how to get the weight off. I joined Lean With Plants back in April with hopes to learn how to eat vegan and lose weight.

Day to day I didn’t feel like there were any changes. I focused on consistency with my meals and following
what the course taught.

I've lost 11 pounds since April!!! Also, 7.75" all over. I am a small person so these changes are huge on my tiny frame!!! Feels good to now know how weight loss works!

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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Katrina lost 25lbs and hit her lowest ever weight... after she had a baby!

Can I just say I love LWP!! (Yes you can Katrina)

I joined LWP back in mid May. I went vegan last January. I've learned so much!! I've created a healthy home environment and have consistent habits now in place.

I finally feel like I have a healthy relationship with food. Feels pretty effortless now.

I have lost about 25 lbs in LWP....currently at my lowest weight! (even before baby) and maintaining (would like to lose those last 10lbs eventually lol)!!

Just wanted to say thank you Chelsea Mae😊😊 and the group that you have created.

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Binging and Emotional Eating

Goodbye to binge eating!

I have been in Lean with plants for just over 2 months now and I thought it was time to start sharing some of my wins.

I have learned some really game changing things like prepping ahead of time to make sure i always have something healthy and tasty to eat on hand. It feels so good to know I don’t have to go hungry!!

I am still nervous about the thought of bingeing but also aware that if I feel the urge I can binge on compliant food and if I fail it’s not as hard to get back on track.

I have lost 6kg since starting, my jeans are baggier, and I am fitting into smaller bras.

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Freedom From Restrictive Diets

Samia enjoys food freedom! No more restrictive diets.

I have been a Vegan for 3 years now and couldn’t drop the weight. in the Lean With Plants membership since July and love it here so much!! Grateful for all the wonderful information we have access to thanks to Chelsea.

I had lost some weight eating like the Starch Solution recommends but then I hit a plateau. I had my doubts that joining the membership would help me get any farther but I am so glad I did!! It’s the best decision I have ever made!

In just the first month of Lean With Plants I lost 5 kg! I eat large plates of potatoes, oats, rice, and loads of veggies. I have learned more than just what and how much to eat but how to change my habits, build meals, and tweak as I go along. I get so much out of the membership monthly content.

I love this way of eating so much! My trigger foods used to be nuts, dates, and nut butters. Now I have learned how to still have these things but with my goals in mind. It feels so good to have found food freedom.

So thankful for Chelsea changing my life and the life of those I love. I am excited to share that now my mom has joined me in eating this way, she is already feel the difference and we both get told all the time we are glowing! I cannot recomend this program enough!

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Breast Feeding and Moms

Almost 8 years of pregnancy or breastfeeding, now
Phyllida is down 12lbs in 1 month.

3.5 weeks in and about 6 kg down! I got off to a rocky start by going off the rails with nut butters but so thrilled by my results so far! I’ve spent almost 8 years of either being pregnant or breastfeeding and decided it was time to start my health journey and focus on my body. I started by reading “how not to die” and then found Chelsea. 

This way of eating is different than anything I have tried before! I haven’t been hungry once and I am eating so many potatoes!!

But the biggest change has been my mindset. In the past when I have gone off plan I would have thrown in the towel but now it was so easy to just get right back on track and stick to this way of eating. This really feels like the best way to eat and lose weight and not feel deprived. 

It has truly been life changing being a part of the membership!

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