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Gateway Habits Challenge
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Gateway Habits Challenge

Join the Gateway Habits Challenge!!


3 small daily habits you can do in 2 minutes, 4 days total!

Harness the power of gateway habits to boost your consistency with less effort.


πŸŽ‰ Win a goodie bag starter kit and a scholarship to the Lean with Plants program! πŸŽ‰

Challenge runs from Friday the 5th ➑️ Monday 8th August (CST)

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What’s the #gatewayhabitschallengeπŸ‘‡

My definition of “gateway habits” are small, easy habits that have a HUGE knock on affect to other behaviour.

They’re like gateway drugs. Once you start, the harder stuff is the next step (although unlike taking drugs gateway habits make way for POSITIVE behaviour!!)



πŸ‘‰ Cooking a microwave potato means you’ll MOST likely eat it.

πŸ‘‰ Putting your running shoes on means you’ll MOST likely get out the door.


This concept comes from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. You can see how one good choice opens up the likelihood for more, and this is what I want people to experience. (Anyone else sees the anatomy of a boob here?? πŸ™‹‍♀️)

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From the book Atomic Habits by James Clear

These are the 3 gateway habits for the challengeπŸ‘‡

Download the worksheet!

These 3 habits are the MOST impactful to getting more consistent and speeding up weight loss... If you need to modify them slightly go for it!

  1. Making overnight oats each night.

  2. Baking a microwave potato daily.

    If you don’t use a microwave then prep in another way. The idea is to have a potato ready with you to leave the house or make a quick meal.

  3. Prep your veggies for the day. Get some easy veggies ready for the day each and every day.

Get started on the challenge!

Use the hashtag #gatewayhabitschallenge every day of the challenge and follow these content creators to get more tips and recipes for how to use tiny habits.

πŸ‘‰ healthy.vegan.mama

πŸ‘‰ broccoli_mum

πŸ‘‰ plantifullyimperfect

πŸ‘‰ gishgetsfit

πŸ‘‰ starchwithplants

πŸ‘‰ cassilorrainewright

πŸ‘‰ thejaroudifamily

Start posting, share on your stories, do the 3 tiny habits daily and be into win!!


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