Lean Your Meals Workshop

Delete your calorie counting app, ditch the boring and restrictive meal plans (that leave you hungry and take 500 hours to prepare) and stop feeling confused about what to actually eat for weight loss.

Start losing weight with filling, low calorie, plant based meals designed and created to suit YOU!

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I’m so excited to share with you my thought process and knowledge for how I create these core meals and being confident that they’re good for weight loss, delicious and filling!

This blows my mind!! It’s crazy what can happen when you have the knowledge and tools you need!


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Join the Lean your Meals mini workshop to start making weight loss meals you love!

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Let me tell you something I WISH i’d known 10 years ago

It’s so easy to be eating ‘healthy’ and not seeing results. I used to eat like vegan influencers and wonder why I couldn’t lose, but it was because I was eating like the meal on the right which is healthy but ideal for fat loss!

Turns out there’s a super simple 4 step formula for creating weight loss meals that get you into that ‘zone’ and it doesn’t require calorie counting or eating less.

What you’ll walk away with after purchasing Lean your Meals


  1. Learn what a weight loss meal is 
  2. Create a low calorie meal using a simple 4 step framework 
  3. Modify your favourite recipe to make it weight loss friendly
  4. Find your 3 core weight loss meals
  5. Create your first meal in 24 hours 
  6. How to check your meals are in the right calorie zone

Insider tip.

When you know how to create easy, low calorie meals using this framework, you can apply it to any recipe, bowl, or meal to optimise it for fat loss.


When you feel full and satisfied while losing weight, you can actually reach your goals and maintain them for life.

What Does this actually look like?

  • Eating as much as I want
  • Following simple principles not rules like 'fully raw' or calorie counting. 
  • Making meals I enjoy, not struggling to eat foods that don't satisfy me.
  • Cooking in a way that suits ME and my busy lifestyle. I want quick and easy meals with ingredients I can get in my country.

I had so much fun making this workshop, here’s a little behind-the-scenes sneak peek!

I wanted to prove to myself that this formula is fail-proof... and well, it is.


What your workshop includes:

  • How to find 3 core meals you don't get sick of.
  • How I used this meal blueprint to drop 30 pounds in a year (and keep it off)
  • How to avoid common mistakes when designing your meals.
  • Bonus lessons and Q&A replays!

(Plus some other surprises along the way!)

Here are some of the beautiful meals made by women who have taken the workshop!

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That’s it! This is a super easy and quick workshop (it’ll take you about an 1.5 hours to work through it fully) and you’ll walk away with confidence about what makes a weight loss bowl and how to create your first 3.

Let’s do this!!

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