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3 ways to have more motivation

So you may not have all the world’s motivation. Here's a secret... no one does! So why are some people smashing it and you're not? 

1. Start Small

When you look at your fave Instagram model (which is undoubtedly me, ahem...) and compare yourself, you've already lost the battle.

YES be inspired but know that they're not more motivated than you, or tougher, or fitter, or sexier. They weren't born to succeed any more than you. They just started small. The motivation required for them to take the next step is the same motivation it takes for you to take the first small step.

This may be as simple as walking into the gym you've never ventured into. Just walking in. 21 days in a row. Then turning around and walking out. Try it!



2. Make a Ulysses Pact (Chelsea's Version)

In Greek fables Sirens (singing seductive mermaids not unlike Nicky Minaj) would tempt men into the sea and drown them.

Ulysses knew he only had enough blood for one head to function at...

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Robin lost 55 pounds in one year

That’s the lowest weight Robins been in 15 YEARS!  

More than that: Robin broke bonds with yoyo dieting by making sustainable habit changes. So I sat down with Robin (via Zoom), a Lean With Plants course member and community hero, to record podcast no. 46Robins story is powerful and here are some of the highlights... 

Oh, be sure to listen to the full podcast too. Members get special bonus content in the Members Hub! 



am 46 and married. I have a teenager. I work full time and have a very sedentary job at a computer most of the day. I am the only vegan in my family, including extended family and really the only vegan I know... even out of my friend group and co-workers... so that's been a little bit interesting. 

My diet history?  

I grew up in the Southern United States, so ate a very standard American diet. We...

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How to Lose Weight Quickly on a Vegan Diet

Do you know how to lose weight quickly on a vegan diet?

Weight loss is not a linear, predictable thing. But one thing you should know when it comes to weight loss is that there is still hope within that.

If your target is to lose weight, you should know that it’s important for you to understand what a calorie deficit is. If this is your first time listening to what a calorie deficit is, you should listen to Episode #2 of my podcast Lean with Plant 

What is a Calorie Deficit?

Basically, what it means is that you are consuming less calories than your body needs. Otherwise, it’s called an energy deficit. What happens when you are in a calorie deficit is your body is forced to pull energy from somewhere else. This is done to meet your body requirements for moving around. It’s to help you to digest food, living, existing, and just breathing.

Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t run on nothing, so don't believe the lies out there!!

Energy comes...

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