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The right way to set goals in the New Year

Here we are 2021 *fingers crossed*! So what do you expect this year?


1. Expectations

Expectations are everything. On the 1st of January we shoot for the stars and predict blue skies, lottery wins and quiet kids (listed in order of likelihood).

Typically, I set HUGE goals at the begging of the year (like becoming a unicorn). Everyone does. Gyms max out their membership in January and are empty by February, but here’s the catch; Big goals mean nothing if you’re not moving toward them.

Let me harp on about this point: Progress is key. It’s not about going big or going home, grinding hard or maxing out your energy tank. It’s all about P R O G R E S S !!!

Let’s get analytical; It’s likely you have some big goals now, right? They lure you in, right? They feel great, right? But somewhere deep down you know you’ve failed already, right? Uhu?

Maybe not. Maybe you’re nailing it but most of us aren’t. That’s why defining small...

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3 ways to have more motivation

So you may not have all the world’s motivation. Here's a secret... no one does! So why are some people smashing it and you're not? 

1. Start Small

When you look at your fave Instagram model (which is undoubtedly me, ahem...) and compare yourself, you've already lost the battle.

YES be inspired but know that they're not more motivated than you, or tougher, or fitter, or sexier. They weren't born to succeed any more than you. They just started small. The motivation required for them to take the next step is the same motivation it takes for you to take the first small step.

This may be as simple as walking into the gym you've never ventured into. Just walking in. 21 days in a row. Then turning around and walking out. Try it!



2. Make a Ulysses Pact (Chelsea's Version)

In Greek fables Sirens (singing seductive mermaids not unlike Nicky Minaj) would tempt men into the sea and drown them.

Ulysses knew he only had enough blood for one head to function at...

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I Gained Weight and Here's Why

Have you gained weight recently after losing all the weight? Or even worse, you gain more than the weight you lost in the first place?

Do you want to finally get to your goal weight and stay there without gaining it back?

Check out these three KEY things you need to know if you want to maintain your hard-earned weight loss.


#1: Do Not Get Cocky! 

Let’s see it like this. Someone is finally at their ideal weight. They are so excited that they got there. So, what do most people do at this time? They stop doing whatever they did to lose it! They get a bit lax and the cookies start sneaking back in... a little here and there isn't a big deal at first...but by the time you realise it is the damage is done!!
Obviously, without maintaining the habits, all the weight lost will come back sooner than later. 

Even with small progress it's easy to ease off. So, you start to eat some late-night snacks or start to eat out with your family or friends. Slowly, you...

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