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Why A Plant Based Diet Is The Best For Weight Loss

Today I'm going to talk about why a plant-based diet is the best diet for weight loss.

Did you change your diet recently but haven’t lost weight? Do you feel that your age or state of mind is messing with your weight loss? 

Well, everyone is different. The diet that your best friend has been using might not be working for you. Maybe the diet you saw on the internet is not the “right one” for you. 

When it comes to vegan weight loss, it’s crucial to keep this in mind: calorie deficit is needed. Your age, sickness, or state of mind doesn’t matter, nothing will stop you from a calorie deficit. 

BUT it’s important to understand that a calorie from fresh broccoli is not the same as the chocolate calorie. They don’t get stored as fat in the same way. Time is a key point to see real results.

So to make things clear for you, again - CALORIE DEFICIT is when you consume fewer calories than your body needs. 

Let’s get into the 3 key things that will help you with a plant-based vegan weight loss. 




Calorie density is the weight of the food. But the thing here is that a pound of vegetables doesn’t have the same amount of calories than a pound of any kind of oil. 

Vegetables: 100 calories

Oil: more than 4,000 calories

If you reduce the number of calories that you are eating, even if it’s a big amount of food, it would help you to get into the right track to lose weight. 

Side note: Don’t obsess about counting how many calories you are eating. Just focus on the calorie density of what you are eating. 




When it comes to a vegan diet, no one cares about it. However, it is VITAL.

Maybe you are asking yourself....what is fiber?

It's the fibrous strands, the tough part of the plants.

However, keep this in mind: These are not able to be digested and the calories that they have are not going to be absorbed. 

But the amazing helpers that eat what we can't digest are called the gut flora. They will be the ones that produce the "short-chain fatty acids" which help to regulate your appetite, metabolism, and body fat.

Also, by taking enough fiber, it helps to crowd calories. Therefore, you absorb fewer calories.



Being on a plant-based diet means that you are on a high carbohydrate diet. It's lower in fat in which helps in weight loss.

So, what is the difference between a low-fat diet from a high-fat diet?

On a high fat diet, it would be more about weight loss. BUT, on a low fat diet, it would be more about fat loss.

During the process of storing carbohydrates as fat, energy is taken from your body and calories are lost in the process.

This is why a low-fat diet is more effective for losing weight and maintaining it. 


In a Nutshell

So pay attention to the calorie density, the fiber, and the carbohydrates that you are taking on a daily basis. It would help you a lot during your process of losing weight on a plant-based diet. 

And just in case I didn't said it a lot, CALORIE DEFICIT is needed to weight loss. Don't forget about this. PLEASE!


[10:35] How many calories do we really need?

[12:45] I explain why calorie deficit is needed.

[15:45] Is cutting calories is the same as cutting portions?

[26:04] Do we really get the recommended amount of fiber?

[35:43] I talk about what does a low-fat diet do to our bodies?

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