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How to Lose Weight Quickly on a Vegan Diet

Do you know how to lose weight quickly on a vegan diet?

Weight loss is not a linear, predictable thing. But one thing you should know when it comes to weight loss is that there is still hope within that.

If your target is to lose weight, you should know that it’s important for you to understand what a calorie deficit is. If this is your first time listening to what a calorie deficit is, you should listen to Episode #2 of my podcast Lean with Plant 

What is a Calorie Deficit?

Basically, what it means is that you are consuming less calories than your body needs. Otherwise, it’s called an energy deficit. What happens when you are in a calorie deficit is your body is forced to pull energy from somewhere else. This is done to meet your body requirements for moving around. It’s to help you to digest food, living, existing, and just breathing.

Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t run on nothing, so don't believe the lies out there!!

Energy comes from your fat stores and that’s why you have fat stores. They act like your rainy day fund that your body will dip into when you need them!!

Wanna lose that stored fat??
You’re only going to be dipping into those stored fat cells when you’re in that calorie deficit.

Not All Diets Are Created Equal

A calorie from broccoli is the same as a calorie from an Oreo. Fitness influencers seem to LOVE putting together pictures of donuts and apples and talking about how they have the same calorie's... true but they do influence the energy input/output equation differently.
You poo out more FIBRE for example, and even 'wall off' some of the calories consumed when you eat fibre WITH those calories... this is just ONE of the reasons while a calorie deficit is imperative, that doesn't mean you'll get the SAME deficit from different foods.

If you have a history of restriction, regardless of whether you have a hormonal issue or you are over 40 and going through menopause, you will still need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. 

For a lot of people, they tend to get confused with this. Most people thought they have to eat a raw diet and do a ton of exercise. But the fact is, it’s just down to an energy deficit. 

Top Three Ways You Can Lose Weight Quickly

If you Google how to lose weight quickly, you would be surprised to see all the tips and tricks you can do to achieve this. And I found the top three ways you can lose weight quickly include:

  1. Cutting off your arm.
  2. Book yourself into a year-long fasting retreat.
  3. Become a meth addict.

You’d me be laughing at these but even cutting off your arm will make you lose 10 pounds of weight loss instantly. Beauty is a pain, right?

And there was a story of a guy who fasted for 380 days. In order for him to preserve his body functioning, he had to take vitamins to avoid vitamin deficiency. And yes, if you are a Karen, that number three might not be your top favourite. 

What Does Quick Weight Loss Mean?

Before we even ask this question, how do you lose weight quickly? Let's take a look at what that means.  

What you want is an effective fat loss and not just quick weight loss. So, in order to make losing weight work, you need a mindset shift first. By shifting your focus from “How do I lose weight quickly?” to “How do I burn fat effectively?”, you are already changing your mindset. 

Start asking the correct question of “What is the effect of fat loss?” And not just “How do I lose weight quickly?” 

Weight Loss Doesn’t Always Mean Fat Loss

These two are very different things. There's a lot of things that influence how effectively you burn fat. 

One thing worth mentioning is that to be in a calorie deficit and to maintain that for a long time, you need to be able to sustain a calorie deficit. If your goal is to get that flat tummy, or feels good in your bikini, you need to make sure your body can do this. 

Start asking yourselves if the habits that you are creating to lose weight sustainable? Are these the things that you are still going to be doing on autopilot years down the track?

Because you want a continuous change, so you need to expect a permanent change in your habits as well.

Yes, losing weight is doable. Even if it's not super quick, it's really important to understand that weight loss is not going to be linear. 

Weight Loss is Like a Curve 

Think about it like a big car that needs a lot of fuel. If you're at 200 pounds, you probably will see quite quick weight loss. It's very doable to do that because you're going to get into more of a deficit because you have more energy expenditure. 

But when you're 120, you don't expend as much energy. So you've, if you only need to lose five pounds, that's going to be a slow and difficult process. 

That's what you need to expect with weight loss. It's not a linear process. It's more like a curve that flattens over time. 

So I think it's important to understand that this is predictable with weight loss. It's expected that this will happen. That deficit that you start with when you are more overweight, becomes less and less over time. 

In a Nutshell

A calorie deficit is always going to result in fat loss. A reader calorie deficit is always going to result in more fat burning, but only if you can be consistent.

Finding something that is sustainable and that you can do consistently, and tweak slightly when you plateau is necessary. If you don’t know how to do this, come and JOIN Lean With Plants membership to learn more about how you can do this effectively.


[02:41] A story of a carpet guy who talked about he went on the carnivore diet and thought it was a variety.

[07:04] The top three ways to lose weight quickly.

[09:12] Keto vs. High Carb diets and why it's important to understand the differences.

[11:22] Three reasons that you will lose weight really quickly.

[21:48] Using the car analogy on weight loss.

[25:11] Why it's important to understand the key differences between quick weight loss vs. permanent weight loss.

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