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How To Get Out Of Disordered Eating AND Lose Fat

What comes to your mind when you think of disordered eating?

Psychological issues? Trauma? Something broken? Well, the word "disordered" means disrupting normal functioning.

So many people will associate disordered eating with certain types of conditions or simply judge someone based on their appearance. But what if there is more to that than just their outer appearance?

In today's podcast, I talk about how to get out of disordered eating and still lose fat successfully. If this sounds like something you want to know more about, check out the podcast now!


What exactly is disordered eating?

In general, it means: restricting food, skipping meals, bulimia, anorexia, binging, stress or emotional eating, food addictions, etc.

 The most common eating disorder that we often hear about is Anorexia. If you search about it on the internet, Anorexia is related to a condition when a person has an abnormally low body weight and is afraid of gaining it...

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How To Burn Fat And Not Just Lose Weight

Have you been struggling to lose those last few pounds even when you are on a plant-based vegan diet?

Sometimes it's hard to not fall on a yo-yo diet or on a not-so-good cycle during the process of losing weight. But it is important to have the right mindset and understand everything that comes during weight loss journey.

This is why in today's podcast, I share with you how to burn fat and keep losing weight. So, if this sounds like something you want to know more about, check out the podcast now! 


Weight Fluctuations

What does weight fluctuation mean to you?

Most of the time, we check our process of weight loss using a scale. We make this as our priority that will determine whether or not we're successful in our weight loss journey. But does this number mean that you are really burning fat while you lose weight?

It is important to keep in mind that losing weight is not something that will happen FAST. It is a PROCESS and it takes...

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Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

So, be honest, have you been wondering if eating fat is going to make you fat

I'm pretty sure most of the people who've been trying to lose weight think about this at some point in their journey. Weight loss is a process where you have to learn:

  • What is healthy and what is not
  • What is a calorie deficit
  • Which diet is the healthiest? 
  • And more things to have a healthy weight loss.

This is why in today's podcast, I talk about if eating fat makes you fat. So, if this sounds like something you want to know more about, check out the podcast now! 



So, Does a No-Fat Diet Exist?

There are no-fat diets, BUT...does a diet like this exist? Oats have 14% approximately of their calories coming from fat. 

During the process of losing weight, it is important to have enough fat on your diet! 10-20% of calories coming from fat is the perfect amount.

When you get the right amount of fat on your diet, you will keep losing weight. You...

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Interview with Cassi (Yo Yo Dieting to 37 Pounds Lost With Ease)

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022

Do you relate to yo-yo dieting? Have you been on a diet, you lose weight and then you gain it back?

If you said yes to both questions, keep reading! 

Cassi is someone who had tried different diets, she did lose weight but gain it back. NOW...she is a coach in Lean With Plants! How did that happen? 

This is why in today's podcast, I talk with her, Cassi. So, if you want to know how she did it, check out the podcast now! 




Dieting History.

Cassi tried EVERY diet. 

Anything worked for her. She knew that she wanted to be vegan, with no animal products in her diet. But even if she lost weight, any diet worked, she gained the weight back.

She thought that her body was messed up until she came across Lean With Plants and understood that the KEY POINT for losing weight is CALORIE DEFICIT



The light bulb moment she got to lose weight was when she understood the calorie density from food. At first, she...

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The right way to set goals in the New Year

Here we are 2021 *fingers crossed*! So what do you expect this year?


1. Expectations

Expectations are everything. On the 1st of January we shoot for the stars and predict blue skies, lottery wins and quiet kids (listed in order of likelihood).

Typically, I set HUGE goals at the begging of the year (like becoming a unicorn). Everyone does. Gyms max out their membership in January and are empty by February, but here’s the catch; Big goals mean nothing if you’re not moving toward them.

Let me harp on about this point: Progress is key. It’s not about going big or going home, grinding hard or maxing out your energy tank. It’s all about P R O G R E S S !!!

Let’s get analytical; It’s likely you have some big goals now, right? They lure you in, right? They feel great, right? But somewhere deep down you know you’ve failed already, right? Uhu?

Maybe not. Maybe you’re nailing it but most of us aren’t. That’s why defining small...

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3 ways to have more motivation

So you may not have all the world’s motivation. Here's a secret... no one does! So why are some people smashing it and you're not? 

1. Start Small

When you look at your fave Instagram model (which is undoubtedly me, ahem...) and compare yourself, you've already lost the battle.

YES be inspired but know that they're not more motivated than you, or tougher, or fitter, or sexier. They weren't born to succeed any more than you. They just started small. The motivation required for them to take the next step is the same motivation it takes for you to take the first small step.

This may be as simple as walking into the gym you've never ventured into. Just walking in. 21 days in a row. Then turning around and walking out. Try it!



2. Make a Ulysses Pact (Chelsea's Version)

In Greek fables Sirens (singing seductive mermaids not unlike Nicky Minaj) would tempt men into the sea and drown them.

Ulysses knew he only had enough blood for one head to function at...

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Let Go of Perfection

Procrastination begins when you stop.

*Pause for profound silence*



I don’t get things right. I barely know how to make a podcast, but I’m doing it and thousands of victims tune in regardless. Your weight loss journey is similar. You may not have the perfect strategy but you just gotta start if you want to see results. Here are two keys that help:


1. Drop perfectionism

You’re probably not gonna get everything right the first time, kind of like sex (am I right?), but you just throw yourself in there and figure it out. Maybe your portion sizes are too small… Ummm… drop the sex analogy now… Maybe your first eating plan is too starch heavy. What if you fail?

I tried to find the perfect plan many times but kept tripping up. Yet after every trip, I learnt.

You need to get into a calorie deficit.

Once you start to cut down your calorie density you can figure out the details. You're going to see a lot of people...

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Robin lost 55 pounds in one year

That’s the lowest weight Robins been in 15 YEARS!  

More than that: Robin broke bonds with yoyo dieting by making sustainable habit changes. So I sat down with Robin (via Zoom), a Lean With Plants course member and community hero, to record podcast no. 46Robins story is powerful and here are some of the highlights... 

Oh, be sure to listen to the full podcast too. Members get special bonus content in the Members Hub! 



am 46 and married. I have a teenager. I work full time and have a very sedentary job at a computer most of the day. I am the only vegan in my family, including extended family and really the only vegan I know... even out of my friend group and co-workers... so that's been a little bit interesting. 

My diet history?  

I grew up in the Southern United States, so ate a very standard American diet. We...

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How To Stop Emotional Eating

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022

100% Stop emotional eating

Emotions are fickle. One day you wanna cry yourself to sleep and the next you’re singing along to U2’s “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY…” while hanging out the window of a limo with friends… too specific? Ok.

Emotions aren’t bad, they’re just changeable. So let’s understand WHY we overeat.


Maybe it’s your boss pushing a work deadline, financial limits restricting you café addiction or your toddlers following you into the toilet (what's up with that?); stress causes us to overeat.

Your stress causes you to crave a dopamine release to ease the pressure. High calorie processed foods offer dopamine releases, especially sugar-coated treats! When you fall for this trap 2+ times your body thinks “when I’m stressed food is the answer”!

You’ve formed a habit.



Here’s another dopamine trigger. In an overstimulated world we crave constant energy. We...

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Why A Plant Based Diet Is The Best For Weight Loss

Today I'm going to talk about why a plant-based diet is the best diet for weight loss.

Did you change your diet recently but haven’t lost weight? Do you feel that your age or state of mind is messing with your weight loss? 

Well, everyone is different. The diet that your best friend has been using might not be working for you. Maybe the diet you saw on the internet is not the “right one” for you. 

When it comes to vegan weight loss, it’s crucial to keep this in mind: calorie deficit is needed. Your age, sickness, or state of mind doesn’t matter, nothing will stop you from a calorie deficit. 

BUT it’s important to understand that a calorie from fresh broccoli is not the same as the chocolate calorie. They don’t get stored as fat in the same way. Time is a key point to see real results.

So to make things clear for you, again - CALORIE DEFICIT is when you consume fewer calories than your body needs. 

Let’s get into...

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